Power Plant Capacity 22MW
− −
Annual Energy Generation 133.432 GWh

Empowering Communities: How Setikhola’s Hydropower Projects Drive Local Development

At Setikhola, the development of hydropower projects goes beyond generating clean energy; it is a catalyst for driving local development and empowering communities. The company firmly believes in a collaborative approach that actively involves the communities in which it operates. From the initial stages of planning and implementation to the decision-making process, Setikhola ensures that the needs and concerns of the local communities are heard and addressed. The socio-economic impact of their projects is far-reaching, creating job opportunities, improving access to clean and reliable energy, and stimulating infrastructure development in previously underserved areas. Setikhola’s commitment extends beyond energy generation, as they invest in educational and healthcare initiatives, uplifting the quality of life for community members. By fostering environmental conservation programs and supporting local entrepreneurs, Setikhola fosters a sustainable ecosystem where communities thrive alongside clean energy development.

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