Power Plant Capacity 22MW
− −
Annual Energy Generation 133.432 GWh


Seti Khola Hydropower Project is a run-of-river type project with an installed capacity of 22 MW designed to generate 133.432 GWh energy annually. The project area is located between the elevation of 633 meters and 500 meters above mean sea level. It is in the middle reaches of Seti Khola in Kaski District, Gandaki Province, Nepal. More specifically, the project area is located between longitudes 84004’15″E to 84005’28″E and latitudes 2805’00″N to 28008’05″N. The Project is designed / built by Clean Energy Consultant Pvt. Ltd. The Civil works contract is being implemented by M&A Construction, a construction company that belongs to the Developer’s shareholders.


All the components of the project lie in the right bank of Seti River within Pokhara Metropolitan, Ward No. 33. The project components include the Headworks, Settling basin, Headrace tunnel as well as Headrace pipe, Surge tank, Penstock Pipe, Powerhouse, Tailrace and Switchyard. The Headworks is accessible through a 2 Km long Pitchroad from Gagangauda on Prithivi Highway. Likewise, an all season gravel road 5 km long connects the Powerhouse to Gagangauda Mode independently. Both roads have been widened and upgraded in different sections by the project in coordination with Pokhara Metropolitan. The project has been promoted by Seti Khola Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. (SKHPL) which is a single purpose company established for the development of Seti Khola Hydropower Project.

The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the sale of energy generated from the project has been signed with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). The generated electricity will be evacuated through an approximately 1.5 km long 132kV Transmission line to the 132 kV Lekhnath- Damauli Transmission Line between 53-56 no tower of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). The company has already acquired Generation License for Construction from Department of Electricity Development (DoED), Ministry of Energy, Water Resource and Irrigation and the project has embarked on construction since April 2021.


Parameter Value
Latitude 28°05’00″N to 28°08’05″N
Longitude 84°00’15″E to 84°05’28″E
Type of Scheme Run off River
Access Road Intake and Powerhouse site easily accessible from Prithivi Highway
Installed Capacity 22 MW
Gross Head 68 m
Rated Design Head Max-67.3 m, Min-63.90 m
Design Plant Discharge 39.91 m³/sec at Q42%
Parameter Value
Catchment Area 876.92 sq km
Average Precipitation 3898 mm/year
100 years Design Flood 4596 m³/sec
100 years Design Flood (PH) (HW) 4876 m³/sec
Construction Flood Intake 264.02 m³/sec
Construction Flood PH 280.11 m³/sec
Minimum Monthly flow 14.22 m³/sec
Design Discharge (Q42%) 39.91 m³/sec
Riparian Release 1.39 m³/sec
Parameter Value
Diversion Structure Barrage with Radial Gate
Length of Barrage 40 m
No of Gates 3 Radial Gate
Size of Barrage gates (bxh) 10m x 7m
Crest level of Barrage Gates EL 574.00 msl
Size of Sluice gate (bxh) 10m x 7m
Max Supply Level 585.00 m
Min Drawdown Level at dam 583.00 m
Min Drawdown level in 576.30 m
Intake Type Forebay, Side Intakes
Size of Intake openings 2‐6.75m x 1.6m, 2‐5.75m x 1.6m – 4 nos (2 each Desander bays)
Crest elevation of Intake El 580.60 msl
Parameter Value
Type Double Chamber Continuous Flushing
Particle Size to be Settled 0.20mm
Size of Desander 2 Nos, L=84m x W=24.80m and H=7.0m to 9.6m (revised)
Settling Length 84m (revised)
Inlet Transition Length 21.4m
Outlet Channel End 32.5m (up to Portal)
Collector/Flushing Channel: Transition Length 5m x 3m x 2 nos
Bed Slope 1:50
Desander Outlet Gates 2 Nos each side x 5m x 2.5m, Vertical Sliding Gates
Desander Outlet Gates Invert 579.83 msl
Parameter Value
Type Inverted “D” Shape, Free Flow Tunnel
Tunnel Length 3105m (revised)
Size of Tunnel 5.8m x 5.8m
Tunnel Bed Slope 0.736111111
Nos. of Bend 2 no.
Rock Trap At the forebay before Bellmouth
Nitches 5 Nos, 3m x 3m @ 500m in length
Parameter Value
Type Circular RCC Construction, Ribbed RCC Cylindrical Prestressed Concrete
Size D=19m and H=22.4m
Invert Level EL 571.8m
Top Level 593.30m
Max Water Level 591.5m
Normal Water Level 583.4m
Min Drawdown Level at 579.90m
CL level of Penstock Inlet Peaking 569.55m
Parameter Value
Type Buried Steel Headrace Pipe
Length 175m (Including Branches) 4m
Diameter Thickness dia, 12-20mm thick Confirming
Pipe Material IS 2062-B E350
Yield Strength 350 MPa
No of bends/Blocks 2 Nos
Parameter Value
Type Buried Steel Penstock Pipe
Length 780m (Including Branches) 4m
Diameter Thickness dia 12-28mm thick Confirming
Pipe Material IS 2062-B E350
Yield Strength 350 MPa
No of bends/Blocks 11 Nos
Parameter Value
Type Semi Surface
PH Dimension (l x b x h) 27.3m x 20.5m x 26.28m
Height of PH Building 12.5m from Machine hall
PH Access Floor Level EL. 521.27m
CL of Runner EL. 513.70m
Tailrace Gate Invert Level EL 513.70m
Parameter Value
Type Circular MS Buried Pipe Ribbed Construction for Low Pressure Flow
Diameter 4m
Length 440m
Slope 1 in 1000
Invert Level of Tailrace outlet EL 512.14m
Parameter Value
Number of Units 2
Type of Turbine Francis
Shaft Arrangement Vertical
Rated Discharge for Each Turbine 19.96 m3/s (plus 10% CoL)
Rated Head 63.90m
Rated Output for Each Unit 11,500 kW (plus 10% CoL)
RPM 300
Rated Efficiency 92% (at 100% discharge)
Speed Governor Electro-Hydraulic
Parameter Value
No of Units 2
Generator Type 3 ph AC Synchronous
Excitation Brushless excitation
Rated Voltage 11.0 kV
Power Factor 0.85
Layout Vertical
Rated Efficiency 0.97
Installed Capacity (Rated) 12.94 MVA (plus 10% CoL)
Max Output Potential 14.3 MVA
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Parameter Value
Type Step up power transformer
Rated Efficiency 0.99
No of Unit 1 x 3 ph, 50 Hz
Capacity 27.625 MVA (plus 10% CoL)
Types of connection Star/Delta
Type of Cooling ONAN (oil natural air natural)
Voltage Ratio Primary (LV Side): 11 kV
Secondary (HV Side): 132 kV
Parameter Value
Type Indoor type
Rated Power Output 250 kVA
No of Units 2
Type of Cooling ONAN
Voltage Ratio Primary (11.0 kV) / Secondary (0.4 kV)
Connection / Vector Group Dyn11
Parameter Value
Power – Proposed Tapping Tower 0.75 km between Tower No 53 and 56
Type of Circuit Double Circuit Tower for Loop in Loop out connection
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