Power Plant Capacity 22MW
− −
Annual Energy Generation 133.432 GWh

Harnessing the Power of Water: Setikhola’s Journey in Sustainable Hydropower Generation

Setikhola’s journey in sustainable hydropower generation has been marked by a steadfast commitment to harnessing the power of water in an environmentally responsible manner. Since its inception, Setikhola has played a crucial role in meeting the growing demand for clean and renewable energy. With each milestone achieved, from the successful completion of key hydropower projects to the adoption of innovative technologies, Setikhola has established itself as a leader in the field. By utilizing advanced engineering solutions and investing in cutting-edge technology, Setikhola maximizes energy generation while minimizing its impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Through stringent environmental stewardship practices, the company ensures the preservation of aquatic life and natural habitats. Setikhola’s unwavering dedication to sustainable hydropower generation is not only an investment in a greener future but also a testament to their commitment to global energy transition.

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